Qveveri Wine

Kakheti Vineyard


David Mikhelidze
Family Cellar

Our vineyard is located in Kvareli region, village Balghojiani. It covers 2 hectares. The part of the vineyard is old, approximately 50 years of age and the second part is new, that was cultivated four years ago. There are two species of grapes Rkatsiteli and Saperavi and we are intending to cultivate Qisi and Kakhuri Mtsvane. From wines we produce Qvevri(pitcher) Rkatsiteli, that is made due to traditional method and we produce Saperavi, partly in Qvevri and partly via classic method. Our wine is distinguished due to its aroma and taste qualities that is caused by vineyard location and terms of climate.

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Balgojiani, Kakheti Region, Georgia